1.1 Computing in Littleton ESD

In 2013-2014, Littleton students made history in our community! Over 700 students were assigned a laptop computer to use in class and at home. This year the one-to-one computing program expanded to include all third and fourth grade students and designated first through seventh grade classrooms. One-to-one computing has dramatically changed teaching and learning and has provided our students with opportunities to prepare for high school graduation, college, and career readiness.

One-to-one computing is a concept where students have 24/7 access to the same laptop computer for use in class and at home. The student and his or her parent or guardian are responsible for the computer, and the student can travel throughout the day with the device. As this program develops, teachers will be able to work with students in different ways and with different expectations than in the past. Students will expand their sources of research, find meaningful real world assignments, seek out legitimate digital information to solve real world problems, and learn real life skills to help them achieve their college and career goals. This model allows children to extend the learning beyond the classroom walls and after the bell.

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ITeach 1:1

It is with great pride that Littleton ESD announces the expansion of our 1:1 device program. During the first quarter of the 2014 school year, almost 1000 students received a laptop that they will use both in the classroom and at home. Congratulations to students, and thanks to the amazing teachers, IT staff, the school board, and the voters for supporting this initiative.

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