LESD Athletics

We believe athletics are an essential component to our schools’ academic programs. Athletics offers unique opportunities to promote self-discipline, improve self-image, and encourage a healthy sense of competition. Developing these principles and promoting character development leads to academic, athletic, personal, social, and career success. The ultimate objective of our program is to improve our athletes’ skills while teaching sportsmanship and having fun.


Participation Requirements

In order to participate in our school athletic programs, students need a completed medical authorization form, insurance coverage, and a signed permission slip. You will find all of these forms on the right side of this page.

Athletic Fees

There is a fee of $25 per student, per sport ($60 annually per student or $90 annually per family) assessed for uniforms and equipment. This fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred between students; it is however, applied to the school tax credit on your state income tax return. Scholarships are available; please contact your school’s athletic director or principal for more information.


The following procedures are used to assess student eligibility for sports:

  • Students must attend at least half the school day to participate in games
  • Students must demonstrate academic proficiency
    • progress is checked weekly during the season with grade verification
    • forms for each teacher to sign off forms must be returned to coaches the same day they are signed
    • all athletes with failing marks or non-returned forms will be temporarily ineligible for play.
  • Three ineligibility rulings in one season render athletes permanently ineligible for the remainder of the season.

Athletic Mission

Littleton School District Athletic Program’s mission is to provide a positive and supportive learning environment that offers 6th -8th grade students the opportunity to enjoy the experiences of athletic competition and to develop the skills necessary to participate in competitive sports while enriching the educational and personal experience of our athletes.

Athletic Calendars

Please view or print our athletic calendars for the season, and get ready to CHEER!

Athletic Forms

Before you may participate in athletics in Littleton ESD, permission forms, medical releases, and physicals are required. Here are all the necessary forms you need to complete and return to your coach: