Exceptional Student Services

At Littleton Elementary SD, we believe all kids can succeed! As part of our commitment to help all students reach their potential, we offer a top-notch special education program in all grades to identify, diagnose, and serve those students with special educational needs, disabilities, and/or giftedness.

Our schools freely and appropriately educate students identified with special needs/abilities in the least restrictive environment suitable for their individual needs in accordance with the federal IDEA Act. Utilizing an Individualized Education Plan, we offer educational and support services inside and outside the classroom.

 Tina Kauffmann</br>                                                                                              
Director of Exceptional Student Services Tina Kauffmann
Director of Exceptional Student Services
623-478-5613 Phone
623-478-5645 Fax
 Elva Rivera</br>                                                                                              
ESS Administrative Secretary Elva Rivera
ESS Administrative Secretary
623-478-5613 Phone
623-478-5645 Fax
 Cleofe Reyes</br>                                                                                              
ESS Office Support Specialist Sr. Cleofe Reyes
ESS Office Support Specialist Sr.
623-478-5682 Phone
623-478-5645 Fax
 Dawn Robinson</br>                                                                                              
ESS Instructional Specialist Dawn Robinson
ESS Instructional Specialist
623-478-5677 Phone
623-478-5645 Fax
 Francine Licurgo</br>                                                                                              
ESS Office Support Specialist Sr. Francine Licurgo
ESS Office Support Specialist Sr.
623-478-5674 Phone
623-478-5674 Fax
 Sharon Hines</br>                                                                                              
ESS Instructional Specialist/Preschool Coordinator Sharon Hines
ESS Instructional Specialist/Preschool Coordinator
623-478-5804 Phone
 Susan Candelaria</br>                                                                                              
ESS Instructional Specialist/Gifted Teacher Susan Candelaria
ESS Instructional Specialist/Gifted Teacher
623-478-6355 Phone