Human Resources Department

Welcome to Littleton Elementary School District! On our human resources page you’ll find information for both current and prospective employees of the district. Whether you need information about health insurance benefits, are looking for professional development opportunities, or want to apply for an open position, you’ll find that and more here. Browse through the information and links on this page, and give us a call with any questions.

Employment Info

Dedicated to providing our students with top quality teachers and support personnel, we strive to employ highly qualified, caring teachers who are committed to continuing education and professional development and dedicated support personnel who care about meeting the needs of students with a smile. All applicants must meet the posted qualifications and pass a background check.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, familiarize yourself with the qualifications needed for our open positions, look through our salary schedules, and start your application today! You will find all the necessary information at the side of this page.

Employee Benefits

Welcome to the Littleton ESD family! In addition to your salary, your benefits package includes health insurance, retirement options, and opportunities for continued education at discounted prices! Be sure to check out the sidebar for links to our most requested information, and contact us if you need anything. You can call us at the numbers listed below, or submit an electronic request and we’ll research and respond within 72 hours.

HR Staff
 Dr. Lisa Kelley</br>                                                                                              
Chief Academic Officer Dr. Lisa Kelley
Chief Academic Officer
623-478-5637 Phone
623-478-5639 Fax
 Ms. Elba Lozano</br>                                                                                              
Administrative Assistant Ms. Elba Lozano
Administrative Assistant
623-478-5637 Phone
 Ms. Maria Williams</br>                                                                                              
HR Supervisor Ms. Maria Williams
HR Supervisor
623-478-5644 Phone
 Ms. Terri Fisher</br>                                                                                              
HR Coordinator Ms. Terri Fisher
HR Coordinator
623-478-5604 Phone