Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please click one of the links in the right sidebar.

Good News From Fine Arts Academy

Fine Arts Academy has had a busy and exciting month. As was mentioned in a previous Good News Update, we had eight students selected for the Cantaremos state honor choir. That is a huge deal. This past Veteran’s Day weekend the students performed.

We had amazing things happening in our classrooms for bully prevention week. Each morning our teachers gave students a topic to write about or discuss. Some of them started with a kindness quote or poem and student were asked to reflect. Ms. Caitlyn Adams, one of our kinder teachers, had the great idea of sharing the students’ thoughts on a compassion wall. We look forward to having this wall grow.

Good News From Technology

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Carlos Gomez. Mr. Gomez joined the team at the end of October as our new parent liaison. He is housed at our Family Welcome Center. He has been making the rounds introducing himself and because he comes with experience, he has already assisted in several ways.

Mr. Alex Celestino and Mr. Kyle Olson have been collaborating with members of the Buckeye Elementary School District and lending support as they update and grow their technology. They have been assisting with a variety of technology issues and sharing lessons learned with our neighbors. Most recently, they helped them to update to Widows 10 and prep work for Chromebooks. Thanks to these IT leaders for sharing their expertise and fostering partnerships.

Good News From Teaching and Learning

School spelling bees are underway in the district. The first round of competitions are classroom spelling bees. Winners of these bees will then advance to the school and the top two from each school will advance to the district spelling bee in January. Thank you to all of the site coordinators: Lisa Nahrgang from Collier, Roberta Garcia from Country Place, Michelle Pitters from Estrella Vista, Dan Budzban from Fine Arts, Daniel Mainord from Littleton, Kim Buckner from Quentin, Erika Avelar from Tres Rios, and Sideqa Padawer, reading instructional specialist, who oversees the spelling bee for their hard work and providing this opportunity for our students.

Title I and Title III tutoring is under way at all schools. This is a great opportunity for our students to receive targeted instruction. Thank you to all of the teachers that have taken the time to work with our students.

Thank you to the professional development committee members for their hard work and dedication in planning the January 12 all district professional development day. Your representation and input is a vital part of the planning process.

Good News From Littleton Elementary

Fall has been a busy and exciting time around the Littleton Elementary campus. With so many activities going on both in and out of the classroom, all of our students and their families have had the opportunity to be involved and invested in our Firebird community!

Our preschool classrooms are continuing working on our tree theme. Students have the opportunity to explore the campus looking at various trees and collecting tree parts for various activities in the classroom. Students in several classes are exploring measurement by cooking apple sauce and then enjoying it for snack. The preschool team worked very hard on our family fun day on November 1. Families had the opportunity to spend some quality time together playing games, making family trees, and making apple pies. The preschool team invited First Teeth First to attend and provide dental services for families who elected to participate.

Good News From Estrella Vista STEM Academy

Voices of Innovative Communities Excel ~ Teacher of the Month

Estrella Vista staff and students would like to celebrate Ms. Michelle Pitters, 7th grade ELA teacher, for being recognized as Estrella Vista teacher of the month for the month of October. Some of the great nomination statements made from students and staff about Ms. Pitters included: “Ms. Pitters establishes trust with students in the leadership opportunities she empowers students to have in student council and school clubs”; “Michelle respects all students and colleagues in her daily interactions.”; “Ms. Pitter’s demonstrates integrity by always following through with what she says she’s going to do.”; “Michelle collaborates with teachers and students across grade levels to create a meaningful learning experience for all.”; and “Michelle is dedicated in the way she works diligently to provide meaningful learning and activities before, during, and after school through her involvement in effective instruction aligned to the core curriculum, student council, girls running club, and work to support PTSA”. Ms. Pitters goes above and beyond and dedicates herself to all students and community. Thank you, Ms. Pitters, and congratulations on this achievement!

Good News From Country Place Leadership Academy

On October 27, the Country Place Leadership Academy Student Council hosted its first annual staff versus students basketball game. Everyone had a great time, and there was spirited competition! All showed great sportsmanship and leadership! A special thanks to Mrs. Tatum Green, Mrs. Erika Alvarez, and Mrs. Mariza Lopez for helping our student leaders organize the event. A thanks to all of the staff and students who played, attended, and ran the event! It was great fun!

Good News From Quentin STEM Academy

We held our first Playworks night for our families at the end of September. We had nine stations where students and families participated in Playworks games. Students earned a stamp on their Kids at Hope passport for each game. Students who received all stamps received a prize the next day at school as well as their name on the announcements. 

We had our first pep assembly! We collaborated with La Joya High School pep squad. Our cheerleaders and their squad were here to perform for our students and celebrated our athletes and coaches for a season well done. 

Our sixth grade team received funding for their Westside Impact grant. It is on the digestive system and how it works. We are excited to see the results of their project with our students. 

We celebrated Ms. Rhiannon McGowan and Ms. Carmen Gomez as our staff members of the month for September. 

Lastly, a huge celebration is in store for our student council. They have officially taken over our student assemblies. They successfully completed their first one for the month of September, and they were extremely popular amongst our student population. 

Good News From Tres Rios Service Academy

Ms. Lindsay Westberg, dean of students, kicked off her year long anti-bullying campaign by teaching students to recognize normal conflict vs. bullying and strategies to handle themselves in both situations. In the meantime, several classes were motivated to display their thoughts on the topic.

Good News From Collier

On September 26, Collier invited parents and students to its annual Collier Math Night. Participants had opportunities to interact with the teachers as well as completing math challenges from pumpkin measuring, football scoring, money counting, and telling time. Our daily technology opportunities were also on display for parents to practice. There were also activities to help students identify their areas of hobbies and recreation in regards to Kids at Hope.

Good News

Good News From Our Transportation Department

Emergency bus evacuations were performed at Littleton, Quentin, and Fine Arts this week. The rest of the schools are scheduled for the end of this week. Emergency bus evacuations are performed twice a year. We thank the schools for being organized and our students are awesome and eager to learn how to be safe. Our drivers are heroes of safety.

Good News From Our Transportation Department