Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please click one of the links in the right sidebar.

Good News from Littleton STEM Academy

Click to view Good News photosIt is amazing how quickly the first quarter of the school year has gone by! Our Firebirds have experienced an amazing start to the new year, both in and out of the classroom.

Our preschool is continuing their exciting study on trees. They are learning about different types of trees, animals that live in trees, and what grows on trees.

In our middle school, seventh and eighth grade students, used Ozobots, Sphero’s, and the computational thinking strategy of tinkering to gain some experience controlling the different robots.

Our entire Firebird community had a wonderful time at our Kids at Hope: Home and Family Dance and Activities Night. Students of all ages brought their families in for an evening of dancing, games, and food. It proved to be a very enjoyable, engaging, and well-attended event.

Good News from Estrella Vista STEM Academy

Click to view Good News photosInspire Notable Student Performance in Relevant Experiences - Champion of the Month

Estrella Vista staff and students would like to celebrate Ms. Paige Lamb, grades 4–5 special education teacher, for recognition as the Estrella Vista Champion of the Month for the month for September. Some of the great nomination statements made from students and staff about Ms. Lamb included, “Ms. Lamb is always someone that you can trust and count on.”, “Paige gives the upmost respect to colleagues and all students.”, “Paige always shows integrity by doing the right thing.”, “Ms. Lamb collaborates with all staff and is a team player who holds herself to high standards.”, and “Ms. Lamb is extremely dedicated to her students and is always working hard with a smile.” Ms. Lamb goes above and beyond and dedicates herself to all students and community. Thank you Ms. Lamb and congratulations on this achievement!

Kids at Hope Hobbies & Recreation Initiatives

Estrella Vista STEM Academy had a successful Kids at Hope hobbies and recreation club night on Thursday, September 6. Students and families came to check out all of the clubs EV is offering this year for our before and after school programs. Students had the opportunity to choose to sign up for 14 club experiences. The students were excited to be returning to some of their after school activities, along with joining some new opportunities across the campus. Students and families were also able to participate in a variety of Kids at Hope activities across each grade level. It was exciting to see families and students joining in the club opportunities as well as participating in all of the exciting games. Thank you to all of the staff members who helped make this night successful by either facilitating a club or hosting an activity. Thank you to Kids at Hope representatives, Ms. Alyssa Nelson, Mr. Antonio Bryant, and Ms. Rebekah Smith, for hosting this night.

Penny Drive sponsored by Kids at Hope and PTSA

During the month of September, Estrella Vista participated in a penny drive to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House. We are excited to announce that we raised $1,856.00. Ms. Cynthia Landis class raised the most money with $90.50, followed by Ms. Rebekah Smith’s class with $63.37. We would like to thank all the staff and students that helped create such a successful event. We send a big thank you to Ms. Alyssa Nelson and Mr. Antonio Bryant who coordinated the successful coin drive.

EVES Stomping Out Bullying

Estrella Vista STEM Academy started the school year spreading unity to STOMP Out Bullying. We had the opportunity to have Officer Ray Emmett present to our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes to have real life conversations about what bullying is and the impact it has on an individual’s life. We thank Officer Ray for taking time to come build a positive culture in our middle school. To continue working on our goal of educating all students and staff about bullying, we are participating in a few of the National Bully Prevention awareness activities. #BlueUp was first up for the month of October, which is the world day of bullying prevention. We encouraged all of our students, staff, and families to wear blue on October 1 to help send our message of stomping out bullying! Throughout the month, we will be participating in weekly awareness activities to spread unity between their peers and staff. We send a special thank you to Ms. Rebekah Smith for coordinating these efforts to help stomp out bullying at Estrella Vista. 

Good News From Tres Rios Service Academy

Yeah! This year is the year of the champion, and many of us have watched Rita Pierson’s Ted Talk “Every Child Needs a Champion.” In that video, Ms. Pierson talks about a mantra she did with her students every day that helped her students know they are somebody. This year, Mr. Maxwell Horowitz’s 4th grade students recite this same saying every morning after the Kids at Hope and Treasure Hunter pledge. It’s so much fun walking down the 4th grade hallway hearing the students claim their success each and every day!

Good News From Quentin STEM Academy

Greetings! Our Sharks have been busy this month. We began the month celebrating our student sharks of the month. Students had a great time honoring their peers and playing some fun games. We also celebrated Grandparents Day. We had a great turn out. Grandparents came to sit, visit, and have lunch with their grandchildren. Our PTA did an amazing job supporting this event with table decorations and a photo wall! Throughout the month students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade participated in science experiments. Our Sharks are off to a great start!

Good News From Fine Arts Academy

Great teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their students have everything they need. Ms. Susan Knighton, our band instructor, did exactly this when she wrote grants and received new instruments, some much-needed percussion equipment, and the sheet music to the Pink Panther theme as well as the theme from Ghostbusters. We are looking forward to a great year for our bands. 65 students strong!

We’d love to give a great big shout out to our school nurse, Ms. Daisy Diaz, the “compliance queen!" In addition to all the day-to-day tasks a nurse does, there’s hearing and vision screenings that must be conducted on hundreds of students. Ms. Daisy made it happen! There’s also the 6th graders who must have their immunizations up-to-date or they cannot attend school. Ms. Daisy made that happen as well.

Good News From Collier Elementary School

Collier would like to thank the Tolleson ROTC and Ms. Dawnette Turner for presenting the colors on September 11 for our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. 

Flag Raising Flag Raising

We were excited at the number of grandparents that came to campus on September 10, 2018, to eat lunch with their grandkids. Thank you to the food service department for accommodating our families.


Congratulations to Mr. George Gonzales for earning the Gold Key Award from the district for the 2017-2018 school year. His tireless work ethic and positive attitude keeps Collier running effectively.

George Gonzales with Gold Key Award

Thank you to Mr. Mike Fisher and his maintenance team for installing a new sidewalk for our students and staff. This makes it easier to get to and from recess as well as keeping the campus looking great.

New Sidewalk

The paraprofessionals at Collier are amazing. Their willingness to help wherever needed is so important to the success of our students and staff. Thank you Ms. Ana Frias, Ms. Lisa Chavez, and Ms. Gerry Flower.


On Wednesday, September 19, was talk like a pirate day. Our kindergarten teachers and students took this opportunity to incorporate this day into their learning. The Collier staff including Ms. Ashleigh Dona and Ms. Brittany Ramirez are willing to do whatever it takes to support learning.

Kindergarten teachers dressed as pirates

Good News From Country Place Leadership Academy

AWEsome Learning Focus- Phoenix Children’s Festival Winners!

The Phoenix Children’s Festival took place on September 22 at Cityscape in downtown Phoenix. In the lead up to the festival, the University of Phoenix sponsored a creative writing contest called, “What is Fun?” In 100 words or less, students had to describe what fun is. Ms. Roberta Garcia’s class took on the challenge and submitted entries. Her class efforts earned Country Place Leadership Academy 1st Place in the number of entries from a school and a class. Each student in Ms. Garcia’s class got a free all day ride pass to the festival. Our school won 100 books for our library. Giovanni from Ms. Garcia’s class won the 4th grade entry contest! Congratulations to Giovanni and Ms. Garcia’s class! Go Mustangs!

Leadership Focus-Teaching the 7 Habits

Kindergarteners and Fifth Graders togetherThe fifth grade classes of Mr. Cody Cherland, Ms. Serena Garcia, Ms. Carrie Rodriguez, and Ms. Alejandra Valdez synergized with the kindergarten classes of Mrs. Jackie Davis, Mrs. Anastasia Hanns, and Ms. Sheila McCalpine and Mrs. Serena Hernandez. The kindergarteners displayed their leadership and genius by teaching the 5th graders about their favorite habit. They also explained why it was their favorite habit. Then the 5th grade students and their kindergarten teachers drew a picture together that represented their favorite habit.