1:1 Computing in Littleton ESD

The one-to-one computing program has expanded every year, and we are very proud to provide this opportunity to our students and families. One-to-one computing has changed teaching and learning. It encourages our students to extend where and when they are learning and challenges them to be good digital citizens. Littleton ESD provides digital curriculum and is committed to providing our students with opportunities to prepare for high school graduation, college, and career readiness.

With one-to-one computing, students have digital curriculum resource access on a device they check out. This means they can use the device at home and at school and learn to be good digital citizens and stewards of this valuable resource.

Check out these videos of previous digital learning days.

Digital Citizenship
Student Tools
Kid Friendly Search Engines
Additional Information

  • Student points at their laptop
  • Students look at laptop as a group
  • Students smile as they look at their laptop
  • Students laugh as they look at a laptop