Administrative Resources

In the Littleton Elementary School District, we have a clear vision. We strive to ensure that every student succeeds and receives excellence in education. All students are capable of success; there are no exceptions! Every member of our administrative resource team makes decisions that consider the student first. They also consider how those decisions will affect student success. Our organization consists of our superintendent, Dr. Roger Freeman, who leads our two chiefs, each with specific responsibilities. Our team makes decisions collaboratively and authentically. These decisions range from curriculum development and hiring to food choices and building maintenance. We are a culture of exploration, innovation, and core values. We welcome your ideas and appreciate your support. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to serve the Littleton ESD community.


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  • Dr. Roger Freeman Superintendent P: 623-478-5611
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    Dr. Roger Freeman has served as the Superintendent of the Littleton Elementary School District #65 since the 2006-2007 school year. The importance of being in a place to make a real difference for kids is what drove Dr. Freeman to the Littleton District. It’s with this motivation and the intention of leaving the district a better place that he has continued to lead as Superintendent. During his years of service, Dr. Freeman has actively participated on a number of regional and state committees including ASA, ABEC, and ASBA. He has worked with state and local leaders to bring many opportunities and bring about positive impact for the educational community. Through these efforts, Dr. Freeman has been recognized for many awards including State Superintendent of the Year, the prestigious Dr. Raymond S. Kellis Leadership Award, the WestMARC Inspiration in Leadership Award, and others. Dr. Freeman’s overall experience in education has extended from elementary education all the way to higher education. In Arizona, he started with teaching math, which was recognized by AEA, and moved to instructional support. Then he moved into the principal role, being recognized as a distinguished principal by ASA, for a number of years before moving into his role as a Superintendent for public schools.

    Dr. Roger Freeman
  • Dr. Lisa Haid Chief Academic Officer P: 623-478-5661F: 623-478-5639
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    Dr. Lisa Haid has served in the Littleton Elementary School District #65 since the 2007-2008 school year. She chose to work in the Littleton District because she saw the opportunity to grow and develop in a community that shared the educational beliefs as she did. The continued care, support, and appreciation from both the internal and external communities drove her to view being in Littleton as much more than a job. 

    The foundation of Dr. Haid’s educational experience began in the classroom where she became a National Board Certified Teacher early in her career. After receiving her master’s degree, she served as an instructional coach in an elementary setting as well as adjunct professor roles at the University of Phoenix and NAU. These roles led her to Littleton where she has since received her doctorate and used her well-rounded educational experiences to understand all aspects of the educational environment and succeed in her administrative roles. During her years of service, Dr. Haid has been the executive director of human resources and the chief academic officer. She has also participated in a number of professional organizations such as AASA, ASA, AASPA, and AASBO, connecting Littleton to the most up-to-date discussions about what is occurring in the profession.

    Dr. Lisa Haid
  • Ryan French Chief Operations Officer P: 623-478-5616F: 623-478-5620
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    Mr. Ryan French has served in the Littleton Elementary School District #65 since the 2020-2021 school year. Mr. French has chosen to work in the Littleton District because he believes it has a dedicated staff focused on supporting the students, community, and staff in everything it does. 

    Having experience in the banking industry before moving into financial operations within a school district has allowed Mr. French to have a well-rounded perspective on efficiently running a school district. This has resulted in Mr. French receiving continuous gold awards from the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) as well as the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group High Wellness Enrollment Award. He also received the annual AASBO Member of the Year award for his exemplary professionalism, commitment, integrity, and leadership. As the chief operations officer, Mr. French oversees the district’s financial management, operational services, transportation, and food services departments.

    Mr. Ryan French
  • Sue Garrison Chief School Support Officer P: 623-478-5880F: 623-478-5885
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    Mrs. Sue Garrison has served in the Littleton Elementary School District #65 since the 1988-1989 school year. Having proudly served the district for over three decades, Mrs. Garrison has continued to serve the community because of the amazing people she gets to work with and the innovative and great opportunities she has been able to help provide for kids. 

    Starting as a junior high teacher moving into a director position and now the executive director of school support, Mrs. Garrison has had the opportunity to be a part of a lot of positive changes in the Littleton District. Among her highlights is the development of an IT department and growing technology across the district. She has also helped open new schools, helped bring the Boys and Girls Club to the district, and helped expand preschool. Personal highlights for Mrs. Garrison include being recognized multiple times as teacher of the year while in the classroom and being a part of developing long-standing traditions within the Littleton District.

    Ms. Sue Garrison