Governing Board

The Littleton Elementary School District Governing Board consists of five community members who work together to ensure that the students in our schools receive the best education possible. They are community advocates for our schools and meet together regularly to make decisions regarding school policies, budget allocations, and educational goals.

We want to extend a warm invitation to the public to attend and/or view our regular Board meetings. Meetings take place the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. In person meetings are held in the Underdown Learning Center Auditorium, 1600 S. 107th Avenue, Avondale, Arizona. A livestreaming option is available for all Governing Board meetings through our Littleton District YouTube Channel.

The Governing Board appreciates constituent participation and asks that attendees address the Board in person when meetings are open for a live audience. Comments will be limited to three minutes.

We post all meeting agendas at least 24 hours in advance on the east wall of the center, under the canopy, as well as on our electronic boardbook site, SIMBLI. You can view Board meeting agendas and minutes by clicking on the SIMBLI icon on this page and choosing the meeting listing. You may also view the meeting live by tuning to the Littleton Elementary School District YouTube Channel. Video recordings are available by clicking on the links to the right.

Role of Governance

In the Carver Governance Model, the Governing Board and the superintendent make up the governance team. Their primary responsibilities are to set policies consistent with all other laws and oversee the allocation of resources. The superintendent and administrators make up the management team. Their primary responsibilities are to implement the policies of the Governing Board consistent with all other laws and put approved resources into service consistent with fiduciary rules and all other laws. The superintendent serves as the bridge between the governance and management teams to provide a boundary between the two roles. The goal of these defined roles and parameters is to create regular communication between management and governance while ensuring that a breach of these roles does not occur for the continued success of the organization.


The management team provides information and recommendations to the governance team during the first three steps. The starting point for the governance team is to draft, edit, or reaffirm the vision, mission, guiding principles, and goals of the district. The team then sets priorities and allocates resources through the spring as issues from the legislative session emerge. The teams are finally able to plan programs, but in Arizona, these have to fit within the authority set by the legislature each fiscal year.


To provide every student an excellent education, Littleton Elementary School District #65 and the Littleton ESD Governing Board are committed to Leading…in Learning, Caring, and Growing by:

Recognizing that every student is a learner

  • with a rigorous, viable, and consistent curriculum;
  • with differentiated instruction; and
  • mastery of Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.

Keeping a safe and orderly environment

  • is maintained for students, staff, and the community.
  • by demonstrating appropriate behavior, common courtesy, and good citizenship.

Recognizing that as partners in education, families

  • are essential to a child’s success; and
  • deserving of effective communication in a professional and courteous manner.

Employing a competent, dedicated, and caring staff

  • of highly competent teachers and administration through development and retention; and
  • working in a collaborative manner to provide quality educational experiences for students.

Encouraging a meaningfully involved community

  • by providing community resources to families;
  • attracting community groups to the educational process; and
  • promoting programs and initiatives within the community.

Developing a highly effective organization

  • through modeling and monitoring leadership and core values at all levels;
  • aligning people and programs to match the needs and resources of our growing organization; and
  • recognizing people and programs for their excellence.

Meet Our Board Members

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  • Kathy Reyes President
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    Mrs. Kathy Reyes started serving on the Littleton Elementary School District #65 Governing Board in February of 1996. She chose to serve to help create a long-term vision and map a course that provides the necessary opportunities for all students to reach their full potential. In her years on the Governing Board, Mrs. Reyes has served in roles ranging from Board President to being an active member in the Arizona School Board Association (ASBA). In the latter role, she has participated in panel discussions that explored the Governing Board’s role within a public school district. Mrs. Reyes has worked for the City of Avondale and been a part of the Littleton Community since 1970. She has volunteered and served on various committees for the school district and for the community. Her spouse, sons, grandchildren, and countless nieces and nephews have all attended Littleton District schools.

    Mrs. Kathy Reyes
  • Amy Soucinek Vice President
    Additional information

    Mrs. Amy Soucinek started serving as a Littleton Elementary School District #65 Governing Board Member in January of 2013. As an educator, she chose to serve on the board so that school employees' voices could be heard. As a soon-to-be mother, she also saw being a Governing Board Member as an opportunity to help make sure the Littleton District schools were the best they could be. Mrs. Soucinek has represented the District in many Arizona School Board Association events. Within the community, she has served as the Vice-President of Valor Belles, which provides outreach, education, support, and collaboration opportunities for Veterans. Mrs. Soucinek’s two children have attended Littleton District schools.

    Mrs. Amy Soucinek
  • Rachel Barnett Member
    Additional information

    Mrs. Rachel Barnett started serving as a Littleton Elementary School District #65 Board Member in January of 2023. She chose to run for the Governing Board because she wanted to provide diversity and balance to the community. Before moving to Arizona, Mrs. Barnett served her community in Cleveland, Ohio, on the Cuyahoga County Community Service Board, in which she received recognition as Community Provider of the Year by Murtis Taylor, HSS. Mrs. Barnett has been a Therapist at Valle del Sol providing accessible behavioral health services for underserved communities. Four of Mrs. Barnett’s children have attended Littleton District schools making her personally committed to supporting and enriching the Littleton community.

    Mrs. Rachel Barnett
  • Markus Ceniceros Member
    Additional information

    Mr. Markus Ceniceros started serving as a Littleton Elementary School District #65 Board Member in January of 2023. As a high school student, he chose to run for the Governing Board to provide a voice for students as well as wanting to support the Littleton staff. Within the community, Mr. Ceniceros has served as an appointed member of the Estrella Village Planning Committee. He has taken a leadership position among his peers to promote the importance of learning about and getting involved in the civic process with plans to attend college to major in public policy. Mr. Ceniceros, and many of his family members, have attended the Littleton District schools.

    Mr. Markus Ceniceros
  • Sara Contreras Member
    Additional information

    Mrs. Sara Contreras started serving as a Littleton Elementary School District #65 Governing Board member in January of 2021. Mrs. Contreras chose to run for the school board because she felt a responsibility and a personal obligation to give back to a community that had already done so much for her family. As a board member, Mrs. Contreras has represented the district at Arizona School Board Association events. Within the community, Mrs. Contreras has been a lifelong resident and supporter of the west valley. Mrs. Contreras’s children have attended the Littleton District school, and she has been an educator in the Tolleson Union High School District. She also believed that her experience as a teacher would help her make valuable contributions to the board.

    Mrs. Sara Contreras