Technology Services Department

At Littleton ESD, we know technology has the potential to be a limitless classroom extension and an effective communication and organizational tool. We align our department with district and state standards to support curriculum and instruction. Our mission encompasses not only the students and staff of our district but those of our community as well. We provide the necessary resources and training to ensure that our users can successfully use technology to enhance their educational opportunities, their career goals, and their personal lives. Our Technology Department provides all the necessary support and maintenance to keep our district’s technology infrastructure working efficiently. If you have technology-related questions, please contact our help desk.

We are committed to providing excellent support through:

  • Research and development to stay current, safe, and growing
  • The delivery of tools and content to promote academic achievement
  • Reliable and effective technology that facilitates productivity and communication

Communication Services

Providing timely, accurate, and valuable information to our community is a priority for the Littleton Elementary School District #65. To do this, we incorporate a number of digital tools to ensure that we can reach the highest number of community members each time information is sent out. We also know and value the importance of being able to provide up-to-date information to our community during unexpected safety events. Therefore, we strategically use our tools to reach our community at all times to keep them informed.

Social Media Tools

Promoting, celebrating, and informing is at the foundation of our use of social media. We actively utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage in the Littleton community. To see what’s happening, check out each of our academies’ Facebook pages:

YouTube is a resource we use for broadcasting our governing board meetings and as a location to display district videos to help inform our community. To attract and engage current and potential staff members, we utilize LinkedIn.

Digital Marquees & Billboard

Each one of our academy sites and the district office have a digital marquee that promotes current and upcoming events. They are also utilized to inform of school closures or openings throughout the calendar year. Our district also has a billboard that is located on the southwest corner of Highway 85 and Avondale Boulevard. It is an advertising tool to inform and celebrate community accomplishments and to provide safety messaging. We have partnered with the City of Avondale, Tolleson Union High School District, Phoenix Raceway, and other partners to also promote messaging that is important to our community stakeholders.


The Littleton ESD and each of the academy sites have a webpage that helps to promote what each school has to offer. We welcome you to visit each one of the academy’s digital sites to get a better idea of what each of them have to offer and how each one can help your child reach their highest potential! Check out our academies now!

Email & Phone Tools

To reach our community members that utilize email most often, we communicate using Constant Contact. This includes quarterly newsletters, community information, messages from our superintendent, and other valuable announcements or news that we want our community to know about. We use an autodialer and the Remind app for families that are best reached via the phone. The autodialer is used to send out announcements about timely information that we need to immediately reach our community. Remind is used when we are sending messages from the district, schools, or classrooms in which we can also attach information that will help our community having quicker access to information without sending easily lost materials home. A huge benefit of using Remind is that it also translates information in multiple languages so it is accessible and understandable to anyone we send a message to.

Littleton ESD will continue to improve and expand our communication options for our community so that we ensure that we are reachable and accessible to anyone that needs to communicate with us.

Data Team

Our Technology Department helps create a learning environment where all our students are immersed in technology. We work to help students and staff use technology as a tool in everyday life and enhance the curriculum with a variety of technological experiences. The data teams work with learning software companies to securely sync student enrollment data from student management systems which allows our school district to set up secure sign into online learning platforms. The integration can be done automatically. Data team maintains complete control over what data is shared with each application partner.

Data team:

  • Interpreting data and analyzing results using statistical techniques.
  • Developing and implementing data analyses, data collection systems, and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.
  • Acquiring data from primary or secondary data sources and maintaining databases.

Technology Services Staff

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  • Sue Garrison Chief School Support Officer P: 623-478-5880F: 623-478-5885
    Additional information

    Sue Garrison was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. After earning a bachelor's degree from Illinois State University, she moved across the country and joined the Littleton staff in the fall of 1988. She has taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at Littleton and then Underdown. During that time, she received a Westside Impact Teacher of the Year Award, an Arizona Educator Award, and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Northern Arizona University. As Cashion grew and technology expanded, she began to develop a technology department and is now part of a team keeping Littleton connected.


    • Executive Director of School Support
    • Enrollment
    • Technology
    • Data Services
    • Student Records
    • Communications
    • Family Services

    Ms. Sue Garrison