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Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous “Good News” events, please view one of the archived newsletters.

Tokens for the Book Vending Machine

Teachers are given tokens to give to students who are following expectations, showing good citizenship, or growing their learning.

Attendance Awards at Lakin Prep Academy

Each month we will recognize the K-2nd and 3rd-5th homeroom classes for the highest attendance rates.Each day matters at LPA, and every second counts! Thank you for your support in great student attendance.


Recently, students in Ms. Sobelman's fifth-grade class participated in their Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony. The class reads Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and then competes to win the House Cup. Students were sorted based on a fun personality quiz that highlighted...

Kindergarteners Learned About Labor Day

Our kindergarteners in Ms. Hertrampf’s class learned Labor Day is about celebrating workers and honoring those who fought for better pay and working conditions years ago in what was called the labor movement.

Sharks of the Month

This week we were able to celebrate our students of the month at our first True Blue Tuesday of the year.

Learning about Weather and Water Cycle

Third-grade students have been learning about weather and the water cycle in science. They put their observation skills to use during their cloud-in-a-jar experiment, where they created the condensation part of the water cycle.

Online Safety

The Digital Dust Devils spent the past month learning about online safety and created slideshows and flip videos to showcase their knowledge! Staying safe online is a top priority for our school!

zSpace Learning Experience

Last Friday, Mr. Floyd's seventh grade Pumas were using zSpace, a virtual reality learning experience that improves student outcomes and increases student engagement through fearless learning, with Ms. Benson's Service Learning class.

Students As Teacher Assistants

Our 5th through 8th grade students have kicked off the year by having the opportunity to be teacher assistants during specials.