Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please view one of the archived newsletters.

Good News from Tres Rios Service Academy

The Kids At Hope committee at Tres Rio attended the 2018 Youth Summit! Students spent the day learning about the four destinations of hope. At the end of the day, students were given the task to take their new knowledge back to school and come up with a project that would help spread the Kids At Hope philosophy. The committee of students has decided to focus on setting goals toward the destination of education and career. Each week, the committee is meeting to create a project that will get students at all grade levels to start thinking about what they want for the future and what they can do here and now to meet their education and career goals.

Our Read Better, Be Better crew from semester one had a great time at their graduation ceremony. The teachers, parents, and students are all so proud of their accomplishments. When talking to one of our 8th graders, she had the following to say about the RBBB crew and program, “I liked being able to help kids and make a difference in their life and their school work. The teaching method was helpful because they worked on one subject at a time, so the kids weren’t overwhelmed. I would say people should definitely sign up to be “bigs” so they can make an impact on someone else’s life. I would do it again.” Our 3rd graders also really enjoyed the program. One of our students told his teacher, “I grew in my words. I love RBBB.” after completing their progress monitoring story for the week. As you can imagine, we are excited about the next round of Read Better, Be Better at our school and have “bigs” and “littles” eagerly awaiting the start.

Good News from Quentin STEM Academy

We've had a lot going on at Quentin STEM Academy.

  • We had our second quarterly staff versus students competition. This quarter, the competition was basketball. The staff defeated the students by double digits! It was a great chance to build school community and model our focus of physical activity.
  • We are proud of Ms. Kim Buckner for successfully renewing her National Board Certification! Congratulations, Ms. Buckner.
  • We are pleased to welcome two new staff members to Shark Nation: Ms. Nicole Conn and Ms. Anjelica Robles. They will be supporting second grade and kindergarten-level students respectively.
  • We had our first Read Better, Be Better graduation for our third graders. We are very proud and want to congratulate our first class of students through this program!
  • We had our second PBL showcase on December 18. Students had the opportunity to see projects that their peers created and explained that impact health and science!
  • Lastly, our 8th graders traveled to West-Mec to learn about careers that support health and life sciences. The students were there for a half-day and participated in hands-on activities. They also had the opportunity to listen to West-Mec student presentations from the different health and science related programs.

Good News from the Fine Arts Academy

Students from the Fine Arts Academy (FAA) and La Joya High School collaborated on this year’s concert titled “Winter Suite.” They performed on Wednesday, December 12 in La Joya’s auditorium and again on Thursday, December 13 at the Fine Arts Academy. During the concert, families sat together and enjoyed snacks and hot chocolate provided by SFE and served by members of the National Junior Honor Society. It took a lot of hard work and organization to pull off such a large event. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the staff, family members, and district personnel, as well as our executive team, for all the support they provided. A very special thanks to Travis White, music teacher, and Susan Knighton, band director, for all you did to elevate the arts here at FAA!

Good News from Office of School Support

Christmas came early to Ms. Kyla Medina’s 3rd grade class at Collier Elementary School. The students had been using Chromebooks that were not touchscreen. On Tuesday, December 18 the IT staff exchanged their non-touchscreen Chromebooks for brand new touchscreen Chromebooks. The non-touchscreen Chromebooks were needed at other sites to keep inventories similar. The class was selected because of their outstanding growth on the latest benchmark tests as well as their willingness to change devices in the middle of the year. A big thank you to Ms. Medina and her class for allowing the IT Department to best use the district’s resources throughout the entire district.

Good News from Teaching and Learning

With the adoption of new science, history, and social science standards by the state board of education, the WestSide Impact curriculum group had joined efforts to dive into the standards and identify the major shifts. Littleton ESD, along with educators from Avondale, Buckeye, Litchfield, Liberty, Palo Verde, Pendergast, Saddle Mountain, and Tolleson El, are unpacking the new standards in grades 5th through 8th and developing units of study. Teaching and learning services would like to thank the following Littleton champions for participating in this important work: Aracely Vasquez, Jennifer Grbic, Sara Pearson, Margaret Peterson, Samantha Armstrong, and Leticia Mattei.

Good News from Estrella Vista STEM Academy

Estrella Vista’s Little Hawks pom-pom squad had the opportunity to perform in the Glow on Monroe parade on Saturday, December 8 in Buckeye, Arizona. They performed some of their school cheers and brought our Hawks spirit to the neighborhood. This opportunity gave them the experience to perform in front of their community and gained confidence in showing their talents. A special thank you to Mrs. Imelda Gomez for making the beautiful tutus, and to Ms. Rebekah Smith, Ms. Daisy Sandoval, and Ms. Alyssa Nelson for coaching our young ladies.

Good News from Littleton STEM Academy

Our CASA program welcomed three active military men and women into our classrooms to talk with our students about their time in the military. Our guest had the chance to walk into multiple classrooms across campus to talk with the students and answer any questions about what military life is like and what they do for fun outside of their work. The students had the chance to take pictures with our guest and write thank you cards as well. Our guest, Cody, Andre, and Isabella were so thankful for this opportunity and taken back by the amazing amount of respect the students had for them. We thank them for their service and I know our students greatly appreciated them coming in and spending the day with us.