Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please view one of the archived newsletters.

Recognizing Student Council

Collier student council attended the Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils annual student convention at Medieval Times and Great Wolf Lodge. Students spent the afternoon at the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark and then attended the state convention at Medieval Time where they enjoyed a dinner, show, and were awarded the Master Council award. Students then headed back to Great Wolf Lodge to spend the night and enjoy the amenities of the resort the next morning.

Learning About College

7th grade students at Country Place Leadership Academy recently had the opportunity to tour the Arizona State University campus. They were able to meet with current undergraduate students and learn about what it means to be ready for life at a four-year university. It was a wonderful day, and their reflections showed they got a lot out of the experience.

Shark Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ms. Madril for being Quentin’s teacher of the year! We could not be prouder of the work you have been doing on campus in making sure our kids are readers!

Visiting the Safety Center

Our 7th graders had a field trip to the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center. This site in Glendale is used by five municipalities. It features a 911 call center where dispatchers receive calls and connects them with either the Police or Fire Department. There is also a command center room with 42 TV screens and desks for 50 plus people to work. This special room is used for big events which involve tens of thousands of people where multiple police departments are working together to ensure safety and traffic flow. Some examples are the Super Bowl and the recent Taylor Swift concert. The facility also houses rooms and outdoor venues for firefighters to be trained. The students watched as new firefighters practiced the scenario of getting someone out of a wrecked vehicle who had a neck injury. They also met a motorcycle traffic cop who explained how his job works. He also let our students explore a demo police cruiser.

Art Show Success

Littleton’s student art show came back with a roaring success as students, parents, and staff enjoyed a wonderful reception at the Avondale City Hall. Art was showcased with refreshments to enjoy. It was a great event!

Art is Hot!

Our first graders integrated art into their science and ELA classes! They created an Arizona desert landscape using watercolors as their medium. They were able to set the stage for their science unit on habitats in observing, describing, and predicting life cycles of animals and plants. In addition, these artistic inspirations lend themselves to the ELA writing prompt that centered on “What earth materials are essential for the survival of living things?”

Sporting a Great Season!
Wide shot of the volleyball court

Our hawks are off to a great start for volleyball and baseball this season! Our girls volleyball team is undefeated currently with a 3–0 record. Our boys baseball team is currently playing a season with a record of 2–1. These stats will change after both teams play their matches on April 25.

Teacher of the Year
Ms. Miller receiving the teacher of the year award

During April’s first Friday, we celebrated Ms. Miller when she was awarded Teacher of the Year. Ms. Miller serves as an ACE for countless students on our campus!

When Ms. Miller was nominated, some of her colleagues made these statements regarding why Ms. Miller is deserving of the Teacher of the Year award: she is caring, she inspired growth, she goes above and beyond, she is compassionate, and she is honest. 

We are so grateful to have a school full of so many amazing Treasure Hunters!

Retreating for a Little Basketball

Collier student council students attended the Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils annual student retreat at the Footprint Center. Students spent the afternoon participating in team building activities throughout the arena. The highlight of the afternoon was being able to shoot baskets on the NBA court. The retreat ended by attending the Suns vs. Nuggets game. Suns won!

Celebrating Earth Day 2023

In celebration of Earth Day, students in 3rd grade have been learning about the recycling women of Gambia by reading the book One Plastic Bag. Students were then challenged to create something useful out of plastic shopping bags. Their creative designs included friendship bracelets, kites, parachutes, and even a jump rope for the playground.