Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please view one of the archived newsletters.

Recognizing Our Staff

Collier staff would love to recognize our permanent substitute, Ms. Mercedes Torres. Ms. Torres is not just any substitute. She is a valuable part of our Coliier staff. Every day Ms. Torres shows up for our students and goes above and beyond in her job. She is a welcomed and familiar face in our Coyote classrooms. We are so lucky you chose to join our family! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do!

Learning New Mathematics Skills

Students in 3rd grade are experiencing math in a new way this year. Students from Ms. Serrano and Ms. De La Cruz’s classes joined forces to work through a three-act math task. There were many great discussions happening between students while trying to solve the task. Over in Ms. Hill’s class, students were presented with a math problem where they experienced productive struggle before becoming successful in the task. Several students shared their thinking with the class by presenting their findings. We love to see all of the collaboration between all of 3rd grade. Great work, Mustang mathematicians!

New Student Council

Last week we had our elections for our student council officers. The students have spoken. It was a tight race in some of the categories. Congratulations to our new student council representatives. 

Attendance Matters

Attendance is important! Congratulations to our classes with the highest attendance rate. Ms. Guzman’s 2nd grade class, Mr. Blanton’s 5th grade class, and Mr. Simpson’s 7th grade class.

Check Out Our Art
6th grade artwork

Ms. Walla’s 6th-grade art class collaborated to create a piece of artwork that connects everyone together. They painted concentric circles using a variety of different colors of their choice. Once the paint was dry, they cut them apart and put them back together. By themselves, they created a piece of art but all together, they created a masterpiece!  

ESS Quarterly Parent Night

Exceptional Student Services (ESS) held a quarterly parent night on August 25. This event was virtual and in person and had participation from four of our campuses. Parents were able to learn about developmental milestones, the Child Find process, and school-age eligibility. The ESS parent night team will host their second parent night on October 27, where they will continue to discuss disability awareness with an emphasis on Autism and specific learning disabilities.

STEM Pollination Station

In Ms. Vliek’s STEM class, one of our younger grades learned about the importance of pollination. Ms. Vliek had students create an insect, like a bee or a butterfly, using a clothespin, some chenille stems, and a printout of the insect. Students would then lay their insects on a pile of powdered sugar, pick the insects up, and walk them over to a flower that needed to be pollinated. Students observed how the process of pollination works and were able to see that even if our insect friends cannot actually pick up pollen, the pollen sticks to their fuzzy limbs.

Ms. Vliek's Stem Kickoff

At Estrella Vista STEM Academy, students engage in problem-solving using the Design Thinking Process and Engineering Practices. Within the first days of school, our fourth-grade students were already acting as naval engineers in Ms. Vliek’s STEM classes. Students worked together to design, build, and test their boats!

School-Wide Expectations

This year, all classes learned about our school-wide expectations through a Good Morning, Estrella Vista Special Edition video! We displayed this video in all classrooms on the first day, and teachers had the opportunity to lead discussions about the expectations for each area. Take a look at our Expectations video.