Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please view one of the archived newsletters.

Good News From Tres Rios Service Academy

As the 2019 train left the Tres Rios station, we had so much to be thankful for when reflecting on the first semester. Coming back from break, we welcomed in the new year with a focus on achievement and our sights set on excellence.

Adrianna Cantu was Tres’ first place school spelling bee winner and competed strongly in the district competition.

On Thursday January 16, the students and staff celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as 100 year olds and celebrating their accomplishments.

Looking forward in January, Tres Rios will be participating in its school wide field day to show we not only have brains, but the brawn to match. Middle school students will also be particpating in the Speak Up, Stand Up assembly.

Good News from Quentin STEM Academy

Students visited the Stand Up, Speak Up, Save a Life conference. The kids had a great experience engaging in the presentations and activities associated with the conference. 

We had our kick-off fundraiser with Step it Up Kids. Our kids sat through an engaging assembly, won prizes, and became energized to raise money for our school. Some of the goals for the fundraiser is to purchase shade structures for the front of the school, equipment for a gaga ball pit, and resources for our student population. So far, we have been able to raise over $7,000!

Good News From Fine Arts Academy

Last week, kindergarten students studied living and non-living things. They did a scavenger hunt around the playground for a hands-on approach to mastering this concept. Awesome lesson, Ms. Kayla Price!

Our students loved spirit week, especially twin day! Looking good, Ms. Joanne Vianos! Mr. Blanton even had an amazing twin. They even got 1,500 plus likes on social media!

5th grade learned about budgeting and focused on planning a holiday meal. This real-life experience was an amazing opportunity! To quote a student, “This is so hard! Food is so expensive!” Oh honey, we understand!

Good News from the Office of School Support

The window for second semester school choice transfers is now closed. After working from our wait list and making phone calls to parents, there was a total of nine students that were transferred to their school of choice. A big shout-out to the school offices support staff and the welcome center staff for make these transitions go smoothly.

There were eight students who requested transfers that fell in love with their current school programs and classes during the waiting period, so parents decided to keep the students where they were. That speaks highly of all our school programs! There were other requests that were not granted due to the grade level capacities at the requested school being full. During school choice night on January 27, all parents in our district will have the opportunity to choose the school they want for their children for the 2020–2021 school year. This year it is more important than ever that our families continue to be satisfied with what we deliver and that they do not have reason to look at incoming competition. We must do all we can do to remind them that they love Littleton.

Estrella Vista STEM Academy: Talent Show

December 12 was a special day for Estrella Vista (EV). We were able to time travel into individuals’ futures and showcase their talents. EV had their annual talent show which included singing and dancing and run by student ambassadors from the Kids at Hope Committee. There were two shows throughout the day, during the day-time show students were able to perform for their classmates and friends and in the evening we invited families to watch the magic happen. We appreciate all the support we received from our ACES and friends and without them, it would not have been possible. As the Kids at Hope Committee, we were happy with the success of the performance and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. 

Littleton STEM Academy: Gardening Club

Our Littleton STEM Academy Gardening Club celebrated its first harvest in December. The community garden is flourishing and the students are growing several vegetables including radishes, carrots, beans, squash, and lettuce! All vegetables harvested go home with our Firebirds to share with their families.

Estrella Vista STEM Academy: Softball Wins the Championship and Flag Football Takes Second

Congratulations to the softball team on becoming league champions and their coaches Ms. Megan Crawford and Ms. Rosie Fleeman. And congratulations to our flag football team for taking second, along with their coaches Mr. Rigoberto Gamez and Mr. Bronson Goodsell. It was great to watch the hard work and dedication from our athletes rewarded. Also a special thank you to our fabulous cheerleaders and their coach Mr. Antonio Bryant and Ms. Rachel Vliek.