Good News from the Schools

Things are constantly moving in our growing district! This is the page where we keep you informed about great things that are going on, so be sure to check back often! To view previous "Good News" events, please view one of the archived newsletters.

Good News From Collier Elementary School

Congratulations to our new inductees into National Junior Honor Society. Thank you to Ms. Leslie Casillas for supporting this excellent group of students.

Our student council earned blue ribbons for all of their entries for master council. Thank you to Mr. Delaine Nelson and Ms. Leticia Mattei for making this possible for our students.

Good News From County Place Leadership Academy

The Country Place Leadership Academy teacher of the year is Ms. Rajwant Cheema! Ms. Cheema stands out for many reasons. She is an incredible teacher. She plans meticulously and thinks through what she predicts her students will do within the lesson. She makes amazing connections with her students and inspires them to improve. Raj also serves as an ACE for staff members supporting the instruction, special education, and the national board certification process. Raj is also an amazing cook. “We are very lucky to have Raj on our team! She is an incredible leader and teacher!”

The Country Place Leadership Academy staff member of the year is Mrs. Linda Rubalcaba! Mrs. Rubalcaba is a paraprofessional in Mrs. Donna Maple’s classroom. She is an incredible support to our students and staff. She was nominated for her exceptional support of her students in our 2nd grade classrooms. Thank you so much for your service, dedication, and love of Country Place!

Good News from Tres Rios Service Academy

On April 25, 2019, the students at Tres Rios had a great time learning about different careers at our annual career day. Career day was a success! Students in 5th grade enjoyed hearing about careers from a sheriff, basketball coach/teacher, stage director, and author. 8th grade students learned about acupuncture and Ms. Susan Candelaria shared with them the joys of being a gifted teacher. 1st grade students had fun learning about being a police officer, a real estate agent, and a software engineer. All the students learned a lot that day! A special shout out to all the teachers who helped ensure we had speakers for this day.

Good News from Quentin STEM Academy

The Master Council award went to our student council for the second year in a row! Congratulations to our students and our sponsors, Mr. Marcos Quintana and Mr. Jaime Mercado.

Good News from Tres Rios Service Academy

On Friday, May 3, Tres Rios had our annual spring carnival! A huge thank you to our PTA and all the staff that planned different events for our students to engage in. A huge shout out goes to Ms. Luciana Vargas and Mrs. Gina Forney-Lee for all the behind the scenes planning and organization. Lastly, thank you to Mrs. Kathy Reyes, our governing board member, for both attending and supporting this event! We appreciate all of you!

Good News From Teaching and Learning

Littleton Elementary School District’s 13th Annual Art Show Reception was at the Avondale Civic Center Library Wednesday, April 24. Student artwork from all seven schools was on display. The amount of art work displayed as well as the quality is more impressive each year. The event was well attended by parents, students, Littleton School Board members, staff members, as well as community members. The judges made selections of pieces to be honored as grade level and school level winners. The district will also be purchasing several pieces of the winning art. We will frame the art and display it at the district office.

Thank you to the art teachers, Ms. Patti Shannon, Mr. Anthony Davis, Ms. Julie Whelihan, Ms. Michelle Walla, Ms. Delaney Bemish-Rogers, Ms. Gabriela Angulo, and Ms. Judith Michelle Smith for all of your hard work and preparation. Thank you to Mr. Budzman for his assistance with the flyers, certificates, and other promotional items; your art work was amazing! Thank you to Ms. Knighton from the Fine Arts Academy for coordinating the event and to Ms. Nancy Morgan for all her assistance with arrangements.

Good News From Estrella Vista STEM Academy

Estrella Vista's third annual 5K color run was a huge success! Our annual color run began with the passion for healthy living on our campus and bringing community members together to celebrate. The staff of Estrella Vista worked together to not only set up this event but color up families and friends as they enjoyed a day outside. This year we partnered with A Determined Mind which brought entertainment, food, and games to our colorful event. We appreciate their dedication and support in helping sponsor this day. A special shout out to all of the staff of Estrella Vista who helped sponsor this day and the community members who make this event better each year. We are excited for the bright future ahead. A big thank you to Ms. Rebekah Smith, Ms. Michelle Pitters, and the rest of the staff and students who helped to make this event a huge success!

Good News From Littleton STEM Academy

The PTA recently hosted our annual spring festival. Staff set up games throughout campus for students and families to enjoy. The well-attended event provided our families with an opportunity for quality entertainment while continuing to strengthen the critical bond between the school and the community it serves.

Good News From Quentin STEM Academy

Our 7th and 8th grade students finished in first place at the district math challenge, and our 3rd and 4th graders finished second in the district competition. Our 7th and 8th graders are moving on! Thank you to Ms. Samantha Armstrong and our teachers for getting our students ready to compete.

Maricopa County Superintendent Steve Watson visited Quentin STEM Academy to check out our focus and walked the campus to see some of the exciting things we have going on. His team was impressed with the climate and culture of the school.

Good News From Tres Rios Service Academy

During spring break, seven students from Tres Rios had the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. as part of a travel education program. Mr. Milton Melcher and our students visited and witnessed the three branches of government at the White House, Capitol Hill, and the Supreme Court. They were privileged to visit numerous memorials for founding fathers, presidents, and the military, including Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Visits to various Smithsonian museums exposed them to the history of aviation, the tragedies of the Holocaust, cultures of the native peoples, and the natural history of the world. A trip to Ford’s Theater and reliving the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was fascinating to students, who learned of this in 7th grade. The trip was capped off by an amazing morning at Mount Vernon, where students were immersed in the life of George Washington and not only visited his tomb but learned through an interactive museum about his whole life and his wife, Martha. For some students, this was their first time traveling by plane, making the entire journey an adventure to remember for a lifetime. Thank you, Mr. Milton Melcher, for ensuring our students were safe, had a great time, and learned a lot while on this trip.